With three small children underfoot, keeping up with the laundry felt like all I could manage.

The demands of my house and my kids felt all-consuming and it didn’t feel like there was any room for creativity in my life. 

I was merely surviving.

But after my third child was born something inside me SNAPPED. 

I couldn’t go on suppressing my creative desires in favor of keeping the house neat.

I’m grateful for the family that keeps my house messy.  

But after surviving for the first six years of parenting, I realized continuing to serve them joyfully meant finding a way for me to enjoy a creative outlet in the midst of family demands.

Enter photography.

Photography has given me a way to exercise my creative muscles. 

It’s given me the joy of capturing our days – our mundane and special moments – in a way that’s beautiful to me.

As a mom it’s hard to make time for creativity.  Choosing between time for photography and keeping things neat can still be HARD for me.

But as much as I love an organized house and folded laundry

the days I have with my children won’t last forever.  

I’m grateful to have beautiful photos of these messy days I’ll cherish down the road – when there will be more time for folding laundry and organizing closets.

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