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Ever wish you could get a peek behind the lens of another photographer and watch them work?

That’s how I feel when I see a photo I admire.

In my “How I Got The Shot” series I provide a look into my thought process behind a particular image and share helpful tips for shooting and editing.

Shot with Canon 5D III and 35 mm 1.4 lens. Camera Settings: ISO 200, f/16, SS 1/320

I took this photo on the beach.  When I saw the log I knew I’d want to get some silhouette shots there at sunset.

I used a narrow aperture of f/16 in order to capture a starburst effect.

I got down low but made sure just a bit of the sun was peeking above the log.

I exposed for the sky so my subject would be thrown into shadow.

Here’s the SOOC (straight out of camera) photo: 

Here’s how I decided to crop the photo:

Editing Tips

The edit on this photo was simple, done 100% in Lightroom.

I lowered the shadows to enhance the silhouette, raised the highlights and exposure to enhance the sunlight and raised the temperature just a bit.

I used a graduated filter on the sky to add some clarity.  This made the clouds stand out better against the sky.

Finally, I increased the vibrance just a bit, and that was it!

Small adjustment can make a BIG difference!

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