How To Use Your DSLR Camera

Learning how to use your DSLR camera can feel overwhelming! This page provides a step by step roadmap showing you exactly where to start and how to build your photography knowledge and skills over time.  Bookmark this page and come back often for new tutorials and updates!

If you are new to photography, the exposure triangle is the first thing you need to understand.  It’s the foundation for learning how to use your DSLR camera.  This post includes a FREE EASY TO UNDERSTAND PHOTOGRAPHY CHEAT SHEET FOR BEGINNERS.  Click HERE to download.

photography cheat sheet for learning dslr photography

New photographers often struggle with the question “What Aperture Should I Use?”.

This post gives you two questions to help you decide and demonstrates with an example of one of my own big photography mistakes when I was learning how to use my DSLR camera.  

photo of boy's feet taken with dslr

Learning to choose your focal point can be a game changer!

This post provides a step by step tutorial and demonstrates 3 reasons why choosing your focal point is important when learning how to use your dslr camera.

photo of boy playing soccer shows focal point wh