Photography for Blogging

As a blogger, you know how essential it is to have great photos on your blog.  It gives you instant credibility and readers have come to expect beautiful photos from bloggers.

Wouldn’t it be great to take your own blog photos?  Here’s why I think the answer is yes!

1.  You’d have FUN doing it!  Because photography is fun!

2.  You’d save tons of money on stock photos and hiring photographers.

3.  Taking photos of non-moving inanimate objects, like food or interiors, is MUCH easier than taking photos of fast-moving kids!  SO. MUCH. EASIER.  You CAN learn this.

I love teaching moms how to make great photos of their children.

But I’ve realized bloggers have a pressing need to learn photography basics, so I’ve created some resources to help you learn photography for blogging:

If you are new to photography, the exposure triangle is the first thing you need to understand.  It’s the foundation for learning photography for blogging.  This post includes a FREE EASY TO UNDERSTAND PHOTOGRAPHY CHEAT SHEET FOR BEGINNERS.  Click HERE to download.